EFFECTIVE 07/21/2020 INVENTORY IS LIMITED, ORDERS CAN BE PLACED BUT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE A UNIT WILL BE AVAILABLE. We allow orders to be submitted 24/7, an agent will reach out as soon as possible to arrange the fulfillment of your order. Devices can be shipped to the U.S. and all main Islands within the Bahamas( MUST BE COLLECTED FROM THE AIRPORT AT DESIGNATED ISLAND). For monthly users please only select 1 month for the initial order- if multiple months are selected it will require payment for all months up front. Recurrence orders are established for one month durations and will be run on the same date each month until the device is returned. **Please note the device DEPOSIT will be added when you proceed to check out ($50.00 Device Deposit-Refundable when returned) ** Shipping/Delivery will apply to all orders ($10.00 )
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